Guide to Decluttering, Cleaning & Packing Your Garage for Moving


Moving to a new place can be quite a time-consuming endeavor that requires plenty of energy. This is even more true if you don’t have a thought-out plan about how you’re going to tackle packing and cleaning, as things that would otherwise be finished quickly might take too much of your time and energy.

The idea of packing can be intimidating, but with proper planning you could save yourself a few headaches.

Gathering up the clutter

When it comes to packing and cleaning, the garage usually comes last, either because we see it as less important or because we’re afraid of how much there is to clean and put together, depending on how clean you kept your garage throughout the years.

In reality, packing up the garage doesn’t have to be too complicated. First, you need the right supplies. Cheap Movers Baltimore – – suggests getting some sturdy boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap (if needed), packing tape, packing paper or regular newspapers, and moving blankets.

Pack up the tools

When it’s time to start packing finally, you’re going to want to follow some simple rules. Wrap any items that have sharp blades with bubble wrap put the smaller tools in the toolbox and close it properly, put the power tools in their original containers (if you still have them), and bundle the larger garden tools together and wrap them in a moving blanket.

Other things you should consider are the fact that you should empty the gas operated tools of their fuel, and wrap any fragile items in bubble wrap.

It helps to label

The items that go into boxes should be labeled, and write on them “Fragile” where necessary – especially if you’re going to use the services of a moving company.

Make sure every box is properly secured and has several layers of tape, just to be extra careful. Sorting and packing everything in your garage could take a bit of time, which is why you should start early and maybe make it the first place that you pack up.

Finish up with cleaning

After you finished packing and it’s time to clean up the mess, there are also certain steps you can follow to make the job easier. You should start by cleaning the highest places and then work your way down, to avoid cleaning the floor more times than necessary.

  • You can use an electrostatic duster to clean the cobwebs and the dust from the ceiling and garage door opener. You can also use it to clean any shelves and cabinets, or you can use dusting spray and a rag. Refinishing or repainting old shelves could also make your garage stand out a bit more.
  • After you use the duster for your walls and washed the windows, it’s time to finally tackle the floor. You can use virtually any broom, but a large one might get the job done faster.
  • Get all the debris in a pile and then use the vacuum to get rid of it. Next, depending on how thorough you want to be and how messy the garage was, you can take care of the stains, either by mopping them or wiping them up, and you might want to install an epoxy floor.

If you’re looking to sell the house, then these upgrades could drive up the price a bit more and make the garage a good selling point.

Relocation Guide to Phoenix Arizona Entertainment

If you’ve recently moved to the city of Phoenix, you’ve probably already experienced some of the lively entertainment that’s offered around the town. From concerts to musicals to popular sporting events, Phoenix has a packed activities schedule that’s easy for residents to access. For those of you who are new to the city or just haven’t gotten out in a while, here’s a guide from ( to some of the best entertainment venues to check out while living in Phoenix.

Performing Arts

Those of you who crave high-brow entertainment will love the performing arts scene in Phoenix. With established performing companies that include symphonies, operas, and ballets, you’re sure to find plenty of enjoyment on this city’s stage.

The Phoenix Symphony Orchestra runs a regular concert season from September to May and boasts a full performance schedule that can include as many as 275 presentations. For those who enjoy live vocals, the Arizona Opera is headquartered in Phoenix and regularly stages five productions during their October to May season. The Ballet Arizona company also operates out of Phoenix and hosts multiple productions of both modern and classical ballets.

Public Auditoriums

In addition to the performing arts, Phoenix is also home to many public auditoriums that are used for concerts, shows, and other musical productions. The Phoenix Symphony Hall offers a space for symphonies and touring musicals and plays, and is perfect for those who enjoy theater performances. The Orpheum Theatre, which was designed in a Spanish Baroque architectural style, is a beautiful venue for live music and exciting performances as well and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places for its impressive restoration.

In Phoenix, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to see seasonal touring musicals or individual performers that include both famous bands and well-known comedians. With plenty of dining opportunities that are close to both the Symphony Hall and the Orpheum, the city’s public auditoriums are perfect for a romantic date or night out on the town with good friends.

Sports Teams

The city of Phoenix is one of the few major cities in the United States that participates in all four sports leagues: baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. If you love showing pride for a hometown team, you can happily root for various sporting events here in Phoenix. Basketball fans will enjoy cheering on the NBA Phoenix Suns and the WNBA three-time championship team, the Phoenix Mercury at the Talking Stick Resort Arena. You can also watch the Arizona Diamondbacks play a mean game of baseball at their home arena of Chase Field, or for football falls, see the Arizona Cardinals fight exciting home battles at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Zoo and Museums

The Phoenix Zoo is the largest privately owned and non-profit zoo in the United States. With two and a half miles of walking trails that contain over 1,400 animals, the zoo includes an extensive sanctuary for endangered animals and is an excellent place to spend with family.

With over 18,000 works on display, the Phoenix Art Museum features notable American artists such as Gilbert Stuart and Georgia O’Keeffe, as well as famous European artists that include Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso. And with countless other museums around the city that include the Arizona Military Museum, the Hall of Flame Firefighting Museum, and the Arizona Science Center, you’re guaranteed to find many interesting exhibits, galleries, and presentations that residents of all ages can enjoy.